CONTROVERSIES AND misunderstandings go hand in hand. Actors get blamed for things they may have little to do with, says Anu Aggarwal, the model-actress-turned-monk, while commenting on the recent Padmavat controversy that had bogged down Bollywood for a while. “In this case, Deepika [Padukone] was targeted and not the script writer who wrote the story,” she says. “Freedom to express oneself and viewpoints openly, without a prejudice, comes from an open mind. But let’s not undermine the fact that an open mindset, allowing free thinking of the individual, is required for this to begin with,” she tells Qatar Tribune. Talking about southern superstars KamalRead More →

IN THOSE split seconds that were to separate life from death, small, terrified eyes gaze deep into a potential saviour. Unexpectedly, the steady-intent-cowering stare ends up softening the hard edges around the gangster’s heart. It’s a child on the flat’s balcony, hiding from a gang out to take his life. And it’s one of their very own telling his comrades to go look elsewhere for the prey he says ‘isn’t seen around’. The child gets a lifeline. He lives to see another day, though brooding all the time why his cop father had left him at the mercy of his kidnappers, while not budging anRead More →

THERE WILL never be another Rajesh Khanna. There never was another like him. Why? For the simple reason that nobody else in the Indian film industry —no other star before or after him— had the kind of charisma to transform something most mundane into the most magical. Kaka, as he was popularly known as, was simply ‘The Phenomenon’ during those years from the late 60’s to the mid-70’s. That was when he ruled the roost with his silken touch. Those were the times when Kaka’s house in Mumbai reportedly used to figure on the tourist map of the city. His death, in Mumbai yesterday (JulyRead More →

IT’S NOT just an era that has ended. Curtains have come down on many an era with the demise of Bollywood’s evergreen romantic hero and fashion icon Dev Anand, who has breathed his last in a London hospital. For, Dharam Dev Anand or Dev Saab, was still very much in the thick of it – the filmmaking business – when he finally “hung his boot” at age 88. In a recent interview by an Indian news channel, Dev Saab was asked to comment on “his era’s” filmmakers. He fumed. And then thundered: “Look here, today’s filmmakers are my contemporaries. I am still in the business…”Read More →