BORN IN Melaka in Malaysia, Nor Shaharom Bin Mansour, Assistant Director, Projects, Burj Khalifa, was involved with Dubai’s iconic project since Day 1, in all three stages — the design, the construction, and the handover. Shaharom shared some invaluable insights into his life and career in a freewheeling interview with Mehre Alam, in the year 2010. This article appeared in the book titled ‘Young Asian Achievers’, which released in 2011. THE PEAK of his career coincided with the completion of the tallest structure the mankind has ever built. Quite a coincidence it was. For Nor Shaharom, Assistant Director at Emaar for the Burj Khalifa project, it was indeed a dreamRead More →

SEVERAL SENIOR scribes I have interacted closely with have admitted to being a little shy of their first few by-lines, often bracketing them as somewhat trifle. Ditto with me. I distinctly remember that sub-editor gently admonishing me that day for being “tangent”, “wayward” and “unfocused”, as he went into hammering the copy into a more readable piece. I am referring to that interview I did of veteran Bollywood actor Farooque Sheikh way back in late 1995. It was the first interview I did of a famous person, and as far as I can remember, it was among my first few stories, and that too as aRead More →