BRADLEY HOPE, a US journalist based in Cairo, who published the e-book Last Days of the Pharaoh, examining Egypt’s 2011 uprising, described to Mehre Alam some of the interesting facets of his writing sojourn (This article appeared in the Times of Oman newspaper on September 2, 2012) THIS IS the story of how Egypt’s ‘last Pharaoh’ fell. A lot has already been written about it. But this one throws light on some of the untold anecdotes of those 18 fateful days that reshaped Egypt’s history, and indeed the region’s. Egypt-based US journalist Bradley Hope, who has weaved his tale based on interviews with senior officials and political leadersRead More →

FIRST THINGS first. Nobody in his right senses would deny that a stronger Lokpal would go a long way in fighting the deep-rooted and well entrenched malaise of corruption in India. For far too long the political class has been playing Footsie with the Lokpal Bill, shamelessly hiding under the garb of procedural nuances. It has been more or less a similar story with the Women’s Reservation Bill as well, and the nation has watched with utter horror how some politicians have stooped to abysmal levels of parliamentary decorum, with the sole objective of deferring the legislation to some other time and session, which theyRead More →