The Trump Plan, or the so-called “deal of the Century”, is nothing but a sheer display of the arrogance of power, Palestine’s envoy in Qatar has said, while slamming the proposals announced by US President Donald Trump recently.“It’s [the deal] basically trying to impose on the Palestinians the agenda of [Benjamin] Netanyahu, adopted by Trump and being called the ‘Trump initiative’. It’s rather the political agenda of the occupier and the government of Netanyahu, which is a rightwing, extremist, settler-government,” underlines HE Munir Ghannam, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Qatar, in an exclusive interview with Qatar Tribune.The conversation draws a guffaw withRead More →

Thou art or though art not, I do wonder, a sublime thought that fills me every day I saw that rainbow spread out its wings until, that disappearing act even before one blinked Pebbles of past thou thought were all yours, all, until the sands started slipping past the fingers In a moment one smiled, and that walk of swag, but wait, that black, misty, familiar, oh pit it was! Loneliness, I reiterate the promise I’ve made you, I am not one to leave albeit you were a free bird     Why should thou speak ill of that furrowed brow, don’t you know you tooRead More →

IN THESE times of intolerance, strife and uneasiness, music can prove to be a balm and help restore sanity, believes Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar, the maestro from the ‘Mewati gharana’ and an artist of international acclaim in the genre of Hindustani classical music. “This [the uniting factor] is especially true of the Indian classical music, which has the vibrations to unite people irrespective of their belief systems,” the maestro says, in an exclusive interview with Qatar Tribune. Should the icons of the country be more vocal about the message of peace, tolerance, co-existence…? “Yes. Surely. But it’s the responsibility of the media to highlight the iconsRead More →

KERALA is known for its majestic backwaters – a network of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. A world heritage site, the serene stretch of lakes, canals and lagoons is a major attraction for tourists. Unfortunately, and ironically, the woes the state has been grappling with over the past few years also relate to water – in the form of devastating, and lately recurring, floods. With scores dead and thousands displaced in floods this year, it’s been a repeat of last year’s miseries for people in Kerala. The south Indian state had faced the century’s worst floods in 2018. ButRead More →